The Boat Reel: Your Tippecanoe Boat will sail beautifully on a light line from shore. Simply attach the line to the bow and let your boat go. Your boat will sail out farther than 1/8 mile. To bring your boat back, tug on the line. The bow will spin around, the sails will tack themselves and your boat will sail back. 8 pound test monofilament fishing line is ideal. The boat reel comes with 100 yards of line. Boat Reel: $11.50
The Varnish Kit: This kit includes plenty of varnish to finish any of our free-sailing boats. There is actually enough varnish for two T12 Cruisers. The instructions are very clear and detailed and include a lot of tips that are used by professional varnishers on large yachts. Contents: 1 Bottle of Marine Polyurethane Varnish 1 Natural Bristle Brush 1 Piece of 220 Grit Sandpaper Finishing Instructions In these instructions many of the suggestions are professional varnishing tips. They can be followed to achieve a very high quality finish. Alternatively you can put the varnish on just about any way and you’ll have a great boat. Sorry, varnish kits cannot be shipped outside the Continental United States due to postal regulations. Varnish Kit: $9.95
The Wall Stand: The solid brass wall stand hangs on an ordinary picture hook for displaying your Tippecanoe boat. This is our most popular display system and is used by almost 70% of Tippecanoe Boat owners. On display your boat will add an elegant and authentic nautical touch to any room. It is a fun reminder of your last sailing adventures. Wall Stand: $9.50
      The Table Stand: The high grade stainless steel table stand displays any of the Tippecanoe boats beautifully. The table stand is designed to sit on a mantel, a dresser, a shelf or a table. On display your boat will add an elegant nautical flair to a room and will always be a fun reminder of your last adventures out on the water. Fits T12 Cruiser, T15 Racing Sloop, and T Class Racing Sloop. Table Stand: $9.95
The Masthead Streamer: Add a jaunty touch to the T12, T15 Racing Sloop or the T Class Racing Sloop with this colorful nylon, 12 inch masthead streamer. Masthead Streamer: $3.50