Tippecanoe Teams Up with Nordstrom!

2 March 2014


We love the way the boats look on their own stands!

In late September Tippecanoe received an exciting call from Washington’s favorite fashion retailer Nordstrom.  They were looking for some attractive sailboats to augment the rollout of their 2014 Spring line.  600 boats to be exact!  Considering each boat at Tippecanoe is handcrafted with care, and we were heading into a very busy Christmas rush, this would be a challenge, but a challenge we would relish!  We also loved the fact that Nordstrom shopped locally and chose us as their supplier, as we share the value of doing business locally.

The boats were due to be shipped out to 107 stores in mid-January, so there was no time to waste.  Will jumped right into the design process.  Nordstrom was looking for a boat large enough to have a visual impact and compliment their displays, yet with such a large volume, Tippecanoe was challenged to create a boat that met their price point.  The end result was the T10.  While not a sailing model she does sport an attractive sloop rig (a red main and a blue jib) and has the beautiful proportions of a real yacht.  Hulls are made of solid Sapele, a durable mahogany-like hardwood.  They are finished with a thick coat of spar varnish bringing out the warm wood grain and protecting the hull for years to come.  Not having a keel allows the little beauty to stand proudly on her lines without any aids. Like all Tippecanoe boats, she is seaworthy and will float in all waters from bathtubs to oceans. Hot tubs and swimming pools are perfect! In severe weather, she is not self-righting since she does not have a keel, and without a keel, she does not really “sail” like all of our boats 12 inches and up which do have keels and sail beautifully.

Dozens of brightly colored T10s await shipment to Nordstrom stores all over the country!

Dozens of brightly colored T10s await shipment to Nordstrom stores all over the country!

The production team had to work quickly and efficiently to meet the deadline, yet carefully enough to turn out a quality product worthy of Nordstrom’s name and reputation.  As we fine tuned processes and the room began to fill up with bright red and blue sails, we all fell in love with the small but striking T10.  We proudly stuck the “Made in the USA” stickers on the hulls, did a final quality inspection and carefully packaged them for shipment.

Nordstrom's use of the T10s in their Seattle flagship store was very elegant.

Nordstrom’s use of the T10s in their Seattle flagship store was very elegant.

The T10s have since arrived at all the stores.  We received an email from the Nordstrom design team with the following picture showing how they would be used in their displays at their stores, which will be rolled out February 10. We were astounded at how effective and dramatic the design concept was and how well the work of each company complimented the other’s.  We loved the T10s when we made them, but they looked more elegant and sophisticated in their perfect placement in Nordstrom’s display!  It was symbolic of the synergy that happens when two Washington companies partner together!

We are Tippecanoe are very proud to be a part of Nordstrom's "Into the Blue" rollout!

We at Tippecanoe are very proud to be a part of Nordstrom’s “Into the Blue” rollout!


After enjoying creation of the T10, we decided that others, besides Nordstrom and ourselves, might like it as much as we do.  We are offering the T10 for sale for $29.50. Call for more information or to order your own T10 (1-800-206-0006).

Happy Sailing,

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