K 15.5 Kayak

Produced by Tippecanoe Small Boats ltd. Coming Soon! The K15.5 Kayak is a slightly larger version of our original, highly successful ultra-light Kayak design. The K15.5 is just over 14 feet long. Weighing in at just 15.5 pounds total weight, this boat is still about half the weight of most wood-epoxy kayaks. Why do you want such a light kayak? The real reason is that you will use it more than you have ever used its heavier cousins. The primary reason that you will use this boat more is that it is more fun to paddle. It is like dancing in dancing slippers instead of hiking boots, like eating meringue instead of cheesecake, like being as light as a bird instead of heavy like a fish, or like carrying a 15 pound pack instead of a 30 pound pack. Every paddle stroke is a pleasure since the boat moves so effortlessly. And maybe equally important is lifting the boat and maneuvering it out of the garage and hoisting it up on top of the car. You do this without a second thought. No chance of torqueing your back or wishing someone else was there to help you. You can hold the boat easily with one hand. It's as light as a bag of groceries or two gallons of milk. Up onto a car rack - no problem, no sweat, no effort. Let's go paddling! No reason not to! K15.5 is ideal for larger, taller body types weighing in between 165 and 200 pounds and for less experienced paddlers who want a more stable platform to begin with. The slightly smaller K14.5 Kayak is fine for body weights up to 170, but for taller men with more upper body weight, the K14.5 may initially feel tippy. I am 165 and 6 feet tall, and the K14.5 is the greatest joy for me to paddle, although the K15.5 is also suitable for me. For anyone under 5' 10" and 150 pounds who has paddled kayaks before, the K14.5 is most likely the best choice. For anyone over 170 pounds, the K15.5 is the best choice.IMG_0568