T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop

T37 Nationals 2011  The T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop features a variety of innovations to allow for precise sail adjustments, faster sail trim, and improved speed and performance. The mast and booms are made of strong, light-weight carbon fiber. The double-throw sheeting system, along with the more powerful ultra-torque sail servo, makes sail adjustment even faster and easier and the boom-vang helps to maintain a perfect sail shape. Whether you are racing in a fleet of 20 boats or a fleet of one, the speed, agility, and beauty of the T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop will provide hours of sailing fun! Like the standard T37 Racing Sloop (and all of our RC kits), the T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop includes all of the parts except for paint, varnish, and double 'A' batteries! The kit comes with:

pre-cut okume marine plywood hull and deck pieces high-quality brass and stainless steel hardware high-tech Spectra rigging lines carbon fiber mast and booms 3/4 oz. nylon spinnaker cloth pre-sewn sails marine-grade epoxy, along with epoxy brushes and syringes full radio control gear, including the transmitter, receiver, and battery box sail and rudder servos, including the strong ultra-torque 645 sail servo (to upgrade to the digital 5645 ultra-torque servo, see option below) Detailed instructions to guide you through the entire building process ... and more!

The T37 Racing Sloop and the T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop are built with the same basic components, and the standard T37 Racing Sloop can be upgraded at any time with the Racing Upgrade Accessory Kit (available below with the other T37 Accessories). T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop Kit. $465.00
Sail Colors:
  If you would like custom sail colors for your T37, we offer a variety of options (see color swatch here). Custom sail colors are an additional $6.50/sail. Please call-- 1-800-206-0006 or 360-966-7245-- to order. 5645 ultra-torque digital servo upgrade for the T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop kit. Replaces the 645 ultra-torque servo. The 5645 servo, pre-programmed with 120 degrees of  swing, allows the sails to extend out even further. (to purchase a 5645 servo when not also ordering a kit, see below). $22.00
T37 Racing Upgrade Sail Servo (HS-7954SH) for the T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop kit. Replaces the 645 ultra-torque servo. The digital 7954SH servo, pre-programmed with 120 degrees of swing, allows the sails to extend even further with 333 ounce inches of torque at 6 volts. Requires a special reinforced Tippecanoe sail arm to handle this amount of torque. $98.00
Finished T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop. Comes ready-to-sail. Please call for availability of finished boats.  

Accessories for the T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop

Veneer Deck Kit. Strips of Honduras mahogany which can be added to standard deck to embellish the deck for a traditional appearance. $20.50
Varnish Kit. Three vials of marine varnish, a varnish brush and 220 grit sandpaper. This varnish kit is one possible option for finishing off your T37. Any marine or exterior varnish or paint will work but this is an easy option. $17.50
  Table Stand. A stand for displaying your finished T37 on a table, desk or floor. $18.50
  Wall Stand. A stand to display your finished T37 on the wall of your home. $18.50
  Lakeside Stand. A stable and collapsible stand to use beside the lake, pond, or other body of water where your T37 is sailing. This strong solid wood stand holds the T37  from blowing over while you are rigging for sailing. $38.50
Complete Racing Upgrade Kit for an already-built T37 Racing Sloop. Includes, double throw sheeting system, CF booms, boom-vang system and upgraded ultra torque HS-645 - metal gear servo (requires carbon fiber mast; if your boat does not already have one, see option below). $79.00
Carbon Fiber Mast. If you are upgrading your already-built standard T37 Racing Sloop to the Racing Upgrade version, and your T37 has a wood mast instead of the carbon fiber mast, you will want to also purchase a Carbon Fiber mast. $10.50

 Looking for replacement parts and gear for your existing T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop? Visit our T37 Spare and Replacement Parts Page!