The T50 Tri is made with a very light 1/16 inch plywood construction. These highly developed hulls are able to reach extremely fast speeds. The lightness of the plywood allows us to create compound curves in the hull shapes. This model utilizes three very light bulkheads to form the shape of the hulls and to keep weight to a minimum. The three hulls are securely connected with carbon fiber tubes and rigging wires hold the two side hulls slightly higher than the center hull. The total weight of this boat, fully rigged and with batteries is an amazing 4 pounds, which is unbelievably light considering a 50 inch hull length, a 77 inch tall mast and three hulls!
T50 Trimaran Technical Specifications:
  • Main hull length: 50 inches
  • Outrigger hull lengths: 43 inches
  • Main hull height: 6 inches (with keel: 14-1/2 inches)
  • Outrigger hull height: 5-1/2 inches
  • Overall width of Trimaran: 48 inches
  • Tallest mast height: 77 inches (from deck)
  • Main hull beam: 4-1/2 inches (at waterline: 2-1/8 inches)
  • Outrigger hull beam: 3-3/8 inches (at waterline: 3/4 inch)
  • Sail Winch: Hitec HS-785HB - 152 oz. in. torque

The Trimaran includes two different rigs and three different sail combinations to match any wind speed. The smallest possible combination leaves you with 550 sq. in. of sail area, while the maximum rig gives you 1260 sq. inches.  The T50 Trimaran's plywood hulls lend themselves to a beautiful finish. The three hulls are accented with thin strips of western red cedar edging. Here reflections of the water dance along the Tri's hulls.  Inside the main hull, the Trimaran is outfitted with a powerful Hitec drum winch servo. This RC servo will have the power to haul in your sails in any wind. Still wondering if this is the right boat for you?
T50 Tri Kit: $825.00

Sail Colors:

Please call 1-800-206-0006 or 1-360-966-7245 for the availability of a T50 Tri Finished

T50 Tri Table Stand. $40.00